Jersey Bridge Club, West Long Branch, NJ

Series #1 - Bidding (9 lessons)

Series #1, BIDDING - 9 weeks
$175 plus book ($20)

Next series starts July 2019:
Mondays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Starts the week of July 15th for 9 consecutive weeks

Please email to sign up, or if you are interested
in being notified the next time we run this class.

This series takes you from complete beginner to playing bridge in 9 sessions, 2 hours each:

Getting Started (introduction, language of bidding, scoring, guidelines for play, exercises)
Objectives (hand valuation, some rules, partnerships, opening bidding, bidding messages, more guidelines)
Responses to 1NT Openings (general approach, 0-7 pts, 8-9 pts, 10-15 pts, opener’s rebid)
Responses to Opening Bids of One of a Suit (responders decisions with 0-5 pts, 6-9 pts, 10-11 pts, 12+ pts, responding to a major suit)
Rebids by Opener (general approach, after invitational bid by responder, after forcing bid by responder)
Rebids by Responder (general approach, decision with 6-9 pts, 10-11 pts, 12+ pts)
Overcalls and Advancer Bids (bidding with competition, overcalling, advancing after overcall)
Takeout Doubles and Responses (the takeout double, advancing after takeout double, advancer considers no trump, rebids by takeout doubler)
Stayman (the popular and useful convention, responding with weak, invitational and game-forcing hands, interference)