Jersey Bridge Club, West Long Branch, NJ Shrine Center Bridge Club, Livingston NJ



We have partnered to create an online bridge club
where you can play with your friends!

Open Games Daily 3:00pm
299er Games Daily at 2:45pm
Evening games Wed & Sun at 6:30pm

You will play 18 boards, at 7 minutes per board.
(299ers are at 8 minutes per board.)

Our daily online games will award
100% Club-Rated Black Masterpoints

UPDATE: Sunday, 4/12

COMING SOON: 50% more points for virtual clubs!
Effective this week - stay tuned!

Play on your computer, tablet or smart phone!
Before you can play:

  • To play from a COMPUTER (recommended), 
go to and become a member

  • To play from your TABLET, go to 
on the web or go to the APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY and
download "Bridge Base Online" to play on their app

  • To play from your SMARTPHONE, go to your APP STORE
or GOOGLE PLAY and download "Bridge Base Online"


  1. Become a BBO member, or existing users log in here
  2. Add funds with the "BB$" button
  3. Go back to the original BBO homepage
  4. Close the BB$ box and click "HOME"
  5. Under Featured Areas, choose "Virtual Clubs"
  6. Select "ACBL Virtual Clubs"
  7. Use the upper right hand search box on the page, and type SHR in that box. VACB266668 will be the listed Director, and the games are unders SHRINE-JBC. Games will only be listed 2 hours before game time!
  8. Once you join the game, either add your partner's username to invite them to be your partner (they will need to be a member and logged in at the same time), or choose the Partnership Desk and pick a partner from the list, or add your name to that list.
  9. Add yourself and a partner, or find one at the "Partnership Desk" 
    (NOTE: both partners need to be logged on at the same time to register)
  10. It is recommended that you are logged in and ready at least 15 minutes before game time.

If you still need help:
You can text Lynn at 732-859-0126 or Cheryl at 973-303-3232

(IMPORTANT: don't wait until game time to get yourself loaded and ready! We will be very busy at that time and may not be able to help you then. And thank you for your patience.  We are actively helping many players and will get back to everyone eventually.)

Can’t wait to see you online at Shrine-JBC club for our games!
Thank you for supporting us.